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About Us

Early on, we set out to develop a product that could be used to demonstrate various Internet-based software technologies to potential clients. Seeing an opportunity to exploit the powers of the Internet in a product for the recruiting industry, in 1997 we created the site SearchEase.com - an innovative career portal. Although this site has evolved into a thriving, free-to-all, full-featured job board, the premise of using SearchEase.com as a showcase of development capabilities has remained.

In March of 1999, we devised a new business model to license the software that runs the SearchEase.com Web site to businesses interested in having their own career sites. The product was to be sold not as a "co-brand" of SearchEase.com, but as a completely separate site, allowing the owners complete control over their site including the database, full administration features, and the ability to access and modify any of the content within their site. Our staff was to offer full technical services including hosting of the site, either on shared equipment, or for larger sites, exclusive equipment. Products and services of this nature were, and still are, unavailable elsewhere.

SearchEase.com Corp. is now comprised of an invigorated team of skilled professionals working to service the evolving needs of our clients. With our Web site designers, highly-versed programmers, network technicians, and customer service representatives, teamed with management that has the background and expertise to bring it all together, SearchEase.com Corp. is the force allowing career site companies to successfully achieve their objectives.

We endeavor to innovate career site technologies and services and to exceed our clients' expectations, offering the finest quality, value, and service.