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Live Sites

Below describes three live career sites built and serviced by SearchEase. These sites represent our range of products including the SearchEase Lite™, Standard™, and Enterprise™ platforms. Click on the site's thumbnail to get an idea of what you can expect to receive at each product level. Regardless of platform, all SearchEase clients experience unparalleled support and customer service. For an in-depth demonstration, please contact a SearchEase representative.

Searchease Lite

Searchease Lite™
Clients on this platform are typically just starting out in the job board space and need a site unique to their niche and launched quickly. The typical build-out time for a Lite™ site is 30 days or less. Features and flow are more simplified in this environment and are optimal for those on a limited budget. As the site grows, it's an easy transition to the SearchEase Standard™ or Enterprise™ platform.

Searchease Standard

Searchease Standard™
Typically, clients on this platform are established businesses looking to augment their product line, or institute a new market. A SearchEase Standard™ client needs more flexibility of site design flow, fields and overall development during the initial build of the site and beyond.  Build-out times are 60 to 90 days. These clients also have the option to develop site content on their own. 

Searchease Enterprise

Searchease Enterprise™
Clients on this platform are typically established business with extremely high visit volumes. A constant and high level of customization from a layout, functionality, and customer service standpoint is needed. SearchEase project management, support, and development staff are utilized frequently for servicing evolving customer and job board partner requirements. Often these sites require exclusive hardware and database configurations and development access by none-SearchEase personnel.