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SearchEase products and services satisfy the broad spectrum of businesses looking to establish or improve a job board presence on the Internet. Our products and services constantly evolve to match and form this dynamic industry. We continue to developed our offerings based on insightful ideas generated from internal think-tanks, other career site products found in the industry, and most-valued, the ideas accumulated from inspired SearchEase clients. Below are listed our suite of career site products:

Searchease Lite
SearchEase Lite™ is a feature rich solution that is priced for budget conscious organizations starting out in the career site business. It offers all the tools you need and can be implemented within just a few days. SearchEase Lite™ provides a solid base for the growth of your business. See More »
Searchease Standard
SearchEase Standard™, our flag-ship product, is geared toward established companies that are looking to augment their existing business with a career site. This product provides all the functionality of major career sites. Included with this product are SearchEase Managed Services such as 24hr technical support, site monitoring, custom programming, affiliate site accommodations, and the availability of an array of peripheral services provided by our partners. See More »
Searchease Enterprise
SearchEase Enterprise™ accommodates large scale career site implementations. With the ability to service millions of users, resumes and jobs, this product can scale to virtually any capacity. Built on similar functionality as our Standard™ product, Enterprise™ has expanded features and extensive customization capabilities. See More »